pl2_3476.jpgI’m Debra, a wife of five years and mother of two very young boys.   I like to eat healthy but binge on chocolate, exercise in spurts of 4-6 weeks before taking long breaks, and generally just try to get by every day.  We’re mid-westerners and are currently located in the Twin Cities, MN.

This blog was started to explore how I have managed to rebuild and begin relationships, both romantic and not during a very hard time in my life.  A couple of dates comes from a very simple idea, that by taking time to “date” we can stay connected to those we love.  You don’t need a lot of money, time, or grand romantic gestures to keep romance alive or relationships flourishing.   When I began this blog I had just had my second son via cesarean section, moved to a new city hours away from family and friends, and transitioned to full time mommy hood.  My husband was elbow deep in a residency program that served as our only source of income.  We were losing touch with each other and feeling very isolated and lonely.  I hope that if you read along you can find some comfort through our struggles, and use our experiences to help you find some light.